Trinity has been designed to provide exceptional headroom. A 6000 watt Class D amplifier maximizes power while ensuring perfect clarity.

Superior Long Throw

Trinity’s patent pending Coherent Midrange Integrator (CMI) wave guide has the unique ability to focus high frequency energy, increasing efficiency and enhancing long throw capability.

Quick Setup

Auto-align rigging allows a single person to fly an entire system in less than 15 minutes, dramatically reducing setup time and labor cost.


Transparent Sound

Trinity incorporates only the highest quality components, combined with perfectly optimized FIR filers, ensuring highly reliable crystal clear sound reproduction regardless of musical genre or application.

Smooth Directivity

The Coherent Midrange Integrator seamlessly combines mid and high frequencies coupled with precisely spaced low frequency apertures ensure that every audience member will hear the same high quality sound.

Precise Sound Field Control

Electrically actuated systems inside each module allow continuous horizontal adjustment between 60° – 120° with 10° resolution and continuous vertical adjustment from 0-5.5° with 0.1° resolution.


3D Wavefront Control

PK’s Kontrol™ software allows full remote control of all DSP functions, and the vertical/horizontal characteristics of the array. Users are able to effortlessly adjust the system to changing conditions after it has been flown.

Focus The Sound Field

Trinity empowers users to focus the sound, reducing spill into adjacent zones and directing sound away from reflective surfaces. This drastically reduces the noise floor and increases sound quality without sacrificing SPL in the audience area.

Local Control

An LCD menu on the rear of each module allows control of horizontal and vertical angles. System setup and alignment adjustments can take place without network connectivity.


Horizontal Directivity 50° - 120° Remotely Adjustable
Horizontal Resolution 10° Symmetric & Asymmetric
Vertical Adjustment 0 - 5.5° Remotely Adjustable
Vertical Resolution 0.1°
Audio In Multipin
Audio Through Multipin
Response 40 - 22KHz (+/-10)
HF Drivers 2 X 4" Coaxial (500W AES)
MF Drivers 4 X 6" CMI Loaded (600W AES)
LF Drivers 2 X 12" Horn Loaded (1600W AES)
Amplifier Power (Watts RMS) 6000W Class-D
Rigging Auto-Align Rigging
Max Number of Modules 24 Per Hang
Input Voltage Auto-Switching 100 - 250V
AC Power Consumption 6 / 3A
Rain Protection Weather-Resistant Amplifier Plate & IP65 Input Connectors
Dimensions WxHxD (inches) 54.8" x 13.8" x 23"
Dimensions WxHxD (mm) 1392 x 351 x 574


Trinity spec sheets & drawings