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Trinity Advanced Robotic Line Array is the first three-dimensionally controlled sound system that is configured remotely, capable of focusing sound exactly where it is intended. The robotic line array provides a completely new set of tools that equips advanced users with unparalleled control over the vertical and horizontal polar directivity of the entire array. Using PK's Kontrol™ loudspeaker management software coupled with electronic actuators housed in each module, engineers are equipped to make adjustments to the line array remotely and instantly with the touch of a button.

“Trinity allows me to keep the signal pure and the results to my mixes have been eye opening. I get all of the sound field control I need without the side effects of digital steering. The box is transparent and really powerful. This is the technology everyone is going to be adopting soon.”

James "Pugsly" McDermott -- FOH Engineer Dierks Bentley

“One of the most exciting, and great sounding innovations to happen to line array since the brown box.” . .

Ken "Pouch" Van Druten -- FOH Engineer Lincon Park, Justin Bieber

"My happiness level jumped to complete excitement at EDC, Las Vegas when hearing TRINITY. I’ve never, NEVER been more impressed technologically and sonically by an array in my life. Well played, PK! Well Played."

Jared “J.Paul” Jackson -- FOH Keys and Krates

“I’ve been waiting a long time for a sound system that can truly translate what I create in the studio to a live event. I’m blown away by the clarity in the midrange, everything is so clear, clean and free of distortion. It’s truly exceptional and the best I’ve heard.”

Jeff Able -- Excision

“We use Trinity and engineers love it. We are running festivals in highly populated, outdoor areas where communities are concerned about noise. Trinity gives the freedom to direct sound away from residential areas and focus on the dancefloor, better than any other product.”

• Adam Gill, Embrace Presents

"The sheer power is mind-boggling. It would definitely stand up to any 15-inch box on the market. Anyone who specs the usual top-3 on every rider I see needs to hear this box… you’ll be blown away”

Kyle Pace -- FOH Engineer Bassnectar

Kyle Pace



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Trinity Awards

PK Sound Trinity Advanced Robotic Line Array has been recognized and awarded for its unparalleled sound field control using robotics to adjust 3-dimensional directivity without digital manipulation.



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