CLIENT:  Insomniac Events
VENUE:  Motorcity Speedway Las Vegas
Over three days and nights in the Nevada desert, the Las Vegas Speedway was transformed by the top EDM artists from across the globe performing from eight unique stages. The design of the venue and its stages over this 1200 acre venue rival big Hollywood productions, and the world’s most advanced sound systems were all represented in the ultimate showcase. PK Sound’s Trinity system was selected to power Bassrush’s “bassPOD” stage – a venue notorious for providing deep, powerful bass that will make or break a sound system.

In temperatures soaring above 40°C/110°F our crew quickly and easily deployed the sound system using Trinity’s patented rigging technology. Once the array was hung, engineers aligned the sound field remotely and in three dimensions from a laptop using PK’s Kontrol software. To complete the full PK experience, 69 CX800 dual 18” subwoofer cabinets fortified the front of the stage. Complementing the DJ booth were four CX800 subwoofers, six VX10 loudspeakers and multiple stage monitors.

With close proximity to other stages, sound spill from bassPOD, much like spill from other stages into bassPOD, posed a challenge to sound engineers. These conditions were quickly overcome using 3D Wavefront Control.

At PK Sound, we are no strangers to desert conditions. The Trinity rig at EDC’s bassPOD stage performed flawlessly to ecstatic crowds who came for their fill of massive bass – and were not disappointed.

  • High intensity bass music
  • Controlling sound bleed between stages
  • Long distance coverage
  • Extreme desert conditions
  • Long operational hours
  • Limited mobility during daylight hours
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