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The Gravity 30 sets a new standard for low frequency reproduction with unprecedented output capability and exceptional transient accuracy. With a very high output-to-size ratio, the Gravity 30 replaces three conventional dual 18” subwoofers, significantly reducing truck pack and weight. A 15,000-watt class-D amplifier with differential pressure loop technology provides efficient, high output power to the 30” moving magnet linear motor M-Force transducer. The dual reflex bandpass enclosure provides high, symmetric loading to the cone increasing efficiency and dramatically improving transient response, reducing distortion and maximizing low frequency extension.

A precision engineered steel alloy motor mount provides a rigid connecting assembly which acts as large heatsink for the transducer and a grill for the high frequency chamber, dramatically increasing power handling and reducing power compression. The meticulously engineered assembly is a result of more than two and a half years of development, including PK’s 1,000-hour continuous maximum output test to ensure long term reliability.

The Gravity 30 is cardiod arrayable, providing the maximum amount of flexibility when creating large subwoofer arrays, especially when a high amount of directionality is required. The subwoofer is available in both touring and installation versions. Both models integrate seamlessly with PK’s Kontrol™ software providing access to key DSP features and real time monitoring. The touring model incorporates an integrated rigging assembly, allowing up to 12 cabinets to be suspended, and features automatic array detection allowing quick and seamless set up of subwoofer arrays.


  • 15,000W M-Drive amplifier
  • Powersoft M-Drive
  • High output to size ratio – replaces 3 dual 18″ subs, reducing truck-pack weight
  • Increased output capability with integrated motor mount that doubles as heatsink
  • Optimized vents for minimal distortion & high SPL
  • Cardioid arrayable
  • Highly loaded bandpass design
  • Powercon IP65 TRUE1 locking power cable
  • Integrates with Kontrol™ software for remote access to DSP functions & real-time monitoring
  • High-grade void-free Baltic birch construction
  • Tour-grade high-impact EXL polyurea
  • Auto-array detection with built in IR sensors
  • Optional rigging for hanging applications of up to 12 cabinets
  • Available in touring & installation versions
Transducers 30" M-Force
Amplifier 15,000 W Class-D
Operating Frequency 25Hz – 90Hz
Audio Input Balanced XLR / 14 Pin Amphenol
Transducer Protection Thermal & Excursion Limiting
Amplifier Cooling Temperature Controlled Fan
DSP Pre-Sets 1. 90Hz LP
2. Cardioid
AC Power Input Powercon TRUE1 IP65
Input Voltage Auto Switching 100 - 250V
AC Power Consumption 1/8 Power *(110 / 220V) Amps 1560W
Current Vvg 120V/208V 13A / 7.5A
Maximum Cabinets Per 20A Circuit 120V/208V 1 @ 120V / 2 @ 208V
Material High grade Void Free Baltic Birch
Finish Tour Grade High Impact EXL Polyurea
Grill 10 Gauge Steel
Dimensions (WxHxD) 41.3" x 32.2" x 31.5" (800 x 825 x 1050 mm)