BURNINGMAN 2011 - Stages with PK Sound

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BURNINGMAN 2011 - Stages with PK Sound

A little dustier than when we left but have arrived home from the epic journey to Black Rock City! A two day drive with a 53' trailer full of sound and bikes, we took the Playa by storm, a dust storm that is! PK set up sound for 2 stages on the Playa.

Bass Camp

a.k.a. rights of Zion / Temple of boom : 10 o'clock and Esplanade

Camp ?

"Camp Question Mark" : 2 o'clock and C

Both stages were amazing to see and hear. PK was well represented with a 24 sub wall and 16 box VX12 rig from at Bass Camp, and an 18 sub wall and VX10 rig supplemented by our friends at Wobble Factoryin California. Some of North America's premier electronic artists were featured on our systems and we can't wait to see all our BRC friends and family again in 2012!!

Burningman Festival


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