Trinity Goes Coast to Coast with Excision’s 2017 Paradox Tour

Posted by Casey Hughes
Trinity Goes Coast to Coast with Excision’s 2017 Paradox Tour

By Laura Hulberg

PK Sound had the pleasure of joining long-time supporter Excision for his recently wrapped tour, and it was one hell of a ride. The Paradox Tour featured a massive stage with stunning visuals, a PK Sound Trinity system, and of course, a larger-than-life T-Rex that blasts fog out of its mouth. Bass music fans across North America have enjoyed every stop along the way for all of its exciting effects, but the powerful Trinity system is what tops it all off and brings the creative genius of Excision’s music out to the crowd each night.

Excision has been touring with PK Sound since 2011—and with each tour, he adds more power to his system. Today the megastar DJ’s system is larger than ever,  since adding  Trinity in 2014, along with an experienced team to run the system. Excision chooses to have Trinity for each event due to its ease of use and flexibility on tour.

“I’ve been waiting a long time for a sound system that can truly translate what I create in the studio to a live event. I’m blown away by the clarity in the midrange, everything is so clear, clean and free of distortion. It’s truly exceptionaland the best I’ve heard,” says Excision (Jeff Abel)

Trinity Goes Coast to Coast with Excision’s 2017 Paradox Tour Venues vary dramatically in size and technical requirements and when touring, any number of variables can increase the difficulty of deploying a sound system.

As tours usually go, production teams have to set up and manage sound for a variety of venues. Each one is unique, but it is interesting to note how different many venues are from one another. While production teams can plan to a certain degree, sometimes things happen at the last minute and decisions must be made on the fly. The benefits of sculpting the sound in 3 dimensions and being able to make adjustments on the fly, remotely, came into play again and again with the Trinity system.

For The Paradox’s stop in Santa Cruz, there were considerable size restrictions at the venue. This led the team to use a slightly smaller setup in order to avoid distorting the music.

“Trying to squeeze a large sound system into a small venue creates a number of challengesspecifically with regard to room reverberation, and you are limited to how loud you can really get it while still maintaining clear intelligible sound quality, Trinity really helps in the regard because I can focus the sound at the audience and keep it off the walls said Rory Stewart, Front of House Engineer for the Paradox Tour.

Trinity Goes Coast to Coast with Excision’s 2017 Paradox Tour

Having the tools to be able to dial things in for a smaller venue is invaluable when dealing with so many variables. Overpowering an audience is completely unnecessary and works against the artist’s intent with their music. Trinity's 3D Wavefront Control offered sound engineers a “less is more” approach at the Santa Cruz Catalyst, and the system delivered crystal clear, intelligible audio that left fans fully satisfied by the end of the night.

Moving along down the coastline toward Los Angeles, Excision unleashed his heavy-hitting dubstep with full force for three sold out nights in a row at the Hollywood Palladium. This venue included a Trinity line array consisting of 8 modules per side, plus a sub wall complete with 24 CX800 subwoofers.  The result was massive, spine-tingling bass and open, clear mids and highs that could be heard and felt throughout the entire Hollywood Palladium.

Trinity Goes Coast to Coast with Excision’s 2017 Paradox Tour

After touring throughout the US with Trinity, with resounding success, The Paradox Tour played one of its final shows in San Francisco. Excision’s sold out show at the Bill Graham Civic Center delighted fans with a full Trinity system deployed and tuned for the unique venue. Previous tour stops highlighted Trinity's unique ability to scale up or down, while still offer amazingly focused and transparent sound. Many of the fans at that show were making their second round after Excision’s first pit stop in Santa Cruz, and were gifted with the opportunity to hear the scaled up version of the Trinity system.

PK Sound was pleased to see (and hear) Excision and his fans make the Trinity system shine for The Paradox tour. Not only is it fun working with top notch artists, but the opportunity to be a part of providing some of the best nights of fans’ lives across North America is rewarding, too.

“It’s always a good experience touring with Excision as we have an amazing crew—and we are part of creating a high quality production on a level that only a handful of artists are touring with,” said Rory.

While The Paradox tour has officially wrapped, but fans can hear check out Excision and friends playing on Trinity at Lost Lands Festival in Ohio this September.

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