True Audio Miami invests in Trinity

Posted by Casey Hughes

True Audio Miami invests in Trinity

PK Sound is excited to announce the latest sale of a Trinity Large Format Line Array to long-time partner True Audio in Miami. For 5 years PK Sound has been working with True Audio to provide professional sound and production services for events and festivals of all sizes and types. In preparation for a very busy 2017 the team at True Audio has added a 20-module Trinity system to their inventory, and will very soon be announcing an event calendar loaded with many new opportunities to experience Trinity's 3D Wavefront Control.

Anthony Betancourt, CEO of True Audio says,"The transparency of the sound coupled with its sheer power is more than any competitor has to offer. And to top that, before the creation of the Trinity system there was no way to have precise control of the sound field in 3 dimensions. Now the sound can be remotely controlled and directed to the audience, ensuring all can hear the same exceptional acoustic quality. We are very excited."

Further PK Sound products offered by True Audio include: VX12 line array, VX10 Compact line array, CX800 high powered subwoofers, Klarity 12 multipurpose loudspeakers, Klarity 18 and Klarity 218 high powered subwoofers.

"In all of our combined years of experience there has never been higher quality, more technologically advanced sound systems than those manufactured by PK Sound. Having the opportunity to partner with the company that developed the Trinity system, and continues to push the envelope for professional audio, is a blessing. The partnership between True Audio and PK Sound will prove that the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts." Says Anthony.

True Audio Miami invests in Trinity

In keeping with their mission, True Audio dedicates a substantial amount of time in researching the latest professional audio technology, and maintaining an inventory that meets the highest standards. When it comes to customer service, they pride themselves on combining their passion for building outstanding experiences with the technical know-how to get it done. The team at True Audio have been providing amazing audio/visual experiences for over 8 years now, and their portfolio of events prove it.

Whether poolside at a VIP party in Miami with Paris Hilton, or running professional audio for a multi-headliner cross-country tour with PK Sound's Trinity system, True Audio demonstrates a shared commitment to providing only the best experiences. PK Sound is honored to be moving into the 2017 festival season with such a talented and well-equipped team.

To learn more about True Audio and how you can book your next PK Sound system on the East Coast and beyond, please visit:

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