Trinity Sound Chosen for Paradiso 2015

Posted by Casey Hughes
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Trinity made its first appearance at the Gorge in Washington State recently. The result was pure “Paradiso” for the more than 27,000 fans in pursuit of great vibes, beautiful people and true concert sound. This natural amphitheater bordering the Columbia River is one of the most beautiful outdoor venues in the world with a rich history of legendary shows. Paradiso 2015 is now one of them.

Trinity debuted at Paradiso’s “Wreckage” stage. For the techno-purists, it was an audio feast served up by PK’s system of two Trinity arrays with eight cabinets per side, a VX10 stage monitor array, and a wall of 24 dual 18” CX800 subwoofers. Others in the crowd could be lip-read as shouting “fundamentally(?) awesome!”  Trinity’s 3D Wavefront Control let the sound techs show off their considerable talents with the tools to continually monitor and adjust the sound field to changing conditions, producing flawless, powerful sound that kept the dance floor in perpetual motion well into the night.

Trinity Sound Chosen for Paradiso 2015Trinity Sound Chosen for Paradiso 2015Trinity Sound Chosen for Paradiso 2015Trinity Sound Chosen for Paradiso 2015






The synthesis of music, visual art and nature at Paradiso is worth whatever it takes to get your music-loving self to the Gorge. An enormous thank you to USC Events for making Paradiso 2015 such a memorable experience. We’ll spend the winter tweaking to create an even more amazing system – and see you all next year! Stay tuned at: for upcoming shows, including Safe in Sound, featuring Trinity.

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