The Shambala Experience

Posted by Casey Hughes

Everyone please check out this remarkable film project by Kevan McGovern called "The Shambala Experience". PK Sound has a very close connection with Shamabala and the many people who work hard to bring it to life every year. The film will be screening on July 28 in Calgary AB, and July 29 in Nelson BC. We will see you there!

The Shambala ExperienceThe

Shambhala Experience reveals the reasons countless passionate patrons return to the Shambhala Music Festival every summer to participate in what they like to call, "a life changing experience".

For many it's not just another music's an amalgamation of creativity and independence where its colourful attendees can truly be free of judgment and societal influence. This film will showcase some of the fascinating qualities of electronic music festival culture which will be explored more in depth in the upcoming feature film, Input/Output".


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