Race the Base (Post Race) - Not to spoil the post but the fighter jets won

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Race the Base (Post Race) - Not to spoil the post but the fighter jets won


Initially we were planning to post just once regarding Race the Base...until we actually completed the show. This was by far one of the most intense shows we've run in a long time. Here is what our good friends at ColossoVision had to say:

In Military time it's 1600 hrs and our trucks are lined up in a convoy in preparation for entry onto the airfield for the 2nd installment of Race the Base in Cold Lake Alberta. Two escort vehicles arrive and take our eight trucks one by one onto the airfield. For the technicians who didnât have the opportunity to see the airfield during the site survey, they were amazed at the sheer size of the venue. I could tell by the looks on their faces they were excited and looking forward to the challenge.

Race the Base was labeled the ultimate performance showdown. Ultimate performance was very important for ColossoVision and PK when it came to video and audio support. Truckloads of high performance professional video production, LED screens, line array, subs and other audio resources were to be deployed for this second edition of Race the Base. ColossoVision made sure everyone attending the race would have good sightlines to the screens while PK provided intelligible audio to each screen and throughout the venue.

Round two was bigger, better and included new thrilling elements such as the âWet Drift Challengeâ and the âFreestyle Donut Contestâ. These additions meant two new zones were added to this yearâs event that required more video and audio support.

Screens and Sound were provided for the following areas (approximate size of areas included):

  • VIP - 80,000 sq ft of area
  • Main Spectator along the taxiway - 360,000 sq ft of area
  • Spectator zone for two new events for 2012 - 120,000 sq ft of area

Video Production included the following:

  • Coverage of races on the 12,000 ft runway
  • Informational packages
  • Commercials / advertising
  • Rider information
  • MCs

Time available for setup:  18 hrs of continuous installation.

When I first approached our management team and told them about the time allocated for the install they all went silent. From a technology perspective, the installation of the equipment wasnât the concernâtime was! With nearly 500,000 sq ft of venue to work with, not including the 12,000 ft of runway, we had our concerns. But, working as a team we developed a logistics workflow and felt we could meet all of our deadlines as dictated by the military.

Although this was a public event, the air force base was still fully operational and its main function could not be forgotten or altered, as national security remains a concern, even during special events. The limitations that were imposed on ColossoVision and PK Sound while setting up were understandableâand both companies tried to look at them as small bumps in the road. We were determined to meet the deadline of a noon opening for âRace the Baseâ.

Joining ColossoVision and PK Sound were 12 military volunteers, several drivers, all of whom were incredible, positive, and excited about helping from the moment equipment was unloaded till the completion of the install.

As all installs go, thereâs always the potential of a small glitch that adds another minor bump in the process. The glitch in this case was bad weather moving in north of Cold Lake. While setting up the screens and sound, we were watching natureâs light show off in the distance. The crew hoped the impending storm would pass us by, but it wasnât to be. Lightning, heavy winds, and monsoon-like rain forced the installation to stop and resume the next morning. Postponing the installation was a smart move for safety reasons. The storm and rains werenât about to give way till early morning and we were about to lose six hours from our timetable for the install. Management met the next morning to discuss the deadlines, and work that was to still be completed.

At 0630 Friday and the trucks were once again lined up outside the airfield awaiting the escort for entry. In less than six hours the spectators, VIPs, sponsors, and drivers are expected to arrive on the airfield. ColossoVision, PK Sound and the Military volunteers had to climb a pretty tall mountain to get this show up and ready, and climb it we did. Sound, video production, and screens were all ready for the first race and we were on schedule.

This was not a traditional installation. Then again, non-traditional installations are something ColossoVision and PK Sound specialize in. Accomplishing this near-impossible task was possible only with the help and support of an incredible team of volunteers from the base. Regardless of how wet, cold, or inclement the conditions were, every one of them had a smile on his or her face and were always ready to lend a hand. Thank you!

Race the Base (Post Race) - Not to spoil the post but the fighter jets won


Race the Base (Post Race) - Not to spoil the post but the fighter jets won


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