Soundbox Productions joins partner network with Trinity investment

Posted by Casey Hughes

Soundbox Productions joins partner network with Trinity investmentPK Sound welcomes Hamilton, Ontario-based Soundbox Productions as the newest member of its growing family with their recent investment in a Trinity system. With over 15 years in the business of audio/video production, the award-winning team at Soundbox has been providing world-class production equipment and services for events of all shapes and sizes. PK Sound is honored to be embarking on what promises to be a very successful and exciting journey with the talented team at Soundbox and their new Trinity system.

From its inception, Soundbox has based its growing success as a production company on the mandate that the customer experience always comes first. Founders Jamie Altena and Tran Langford live and breathe audio/visual excellence, each with over 20 years’ experience in the production industry. Following their shared vision and passion has resulted in the birth of Soundbox Productions.

“While on tour in a band many years ago, I started to learn audio production and began running sound for other local bands. Tran was the lighting expert and we eventually started working together, doing production for many successful shows over the following years. We had a really good thing and we worked so well together, so it was only natural for us to start Soundbox a few years later. We still get so much joy out of being a part of so many incredible events and seeing the pleasure that people get from being at a well-produced show.” Says Jamie Altena, CEO, Soundbox Productions.

Just in time for their busy summer season, Soundbox Productions will be deploying a Trinity system
consisting of 20 Trinity line array modules, 16 Gravity 218 dual 18” subwoofers and 12 VX10 compact line array modules. The new system will power its first season of events this summer, based out of its Toronto and surrounding area home and reaching events throughout eastern Canada and United States.

Soundbox Productions joins partner network with Trinity investment“Our new Trinity system is already being booked up throughout the summer for quite a few festivals and events—we’re beyond excited to get it into the hands of our customers so they can hear first-hand how amazing the technology sounds,” says Jamie.

Now that world’s first and only advanced robotic line array is part of Soundbox’s production inventory, they will be able to be able quickly, safely and easily fly the array, freeing up their time and resources to focus on making the event experience even more amazing. Being able to remotely configure Trinity, in real-time, in a multitude of conditions will greatly enhance the audio quality at events. Regardless of venue shape, stage proximity to other stages, or environmental conditions, they will be equipped with the tools they need to make every seat in the house the best seat.

Soundbox Productions joins partner network with Trinity investment“We often have to set up in unique venues that pose varying challenges. One of the biggest advantages of using Trinity is having extensive control that gives us the ability to provide amazing coverage throughout the venue and limits unnecessary bounce back,” Says Jamie.

Using Trinity’s companion software Kontrol, Soundbox will have the ability to remotely sculpt the sound field in 3 dimensions (from 50°-120° with 10° resolution horizontally, and 0-5.5° with 0.1° resolution vertically) after the array has been flown. The team will also be able to adjust critical DSP settings on the fly, as well as monitor system performance in real-time. Gearing up for their busy summer season, Trinity and Kontrol will provide the Soundbox team with the tools they need to raise the bar. Check out this video detailing Trinity’s 3D Wavefront Control to learn more.

“There’s nothing on the market that offers the same level control and fidelity of the Trinity speakers. Not only is the technology groundbreaking, but we feel there is real symmetry between our companies. We’re excited about their ambitions for Trinity, and we’re really looking forward to working on projects together,” says Jamie.

Soundbox Productions joins partner network with Trinity investmentThe Escapade Music Festival featuring headliners Above and Beyond and Zeds Dead (among many others) in Ottawa, Canada on June 24-25, 2017 was their first Trinity-powered event, and the system performed flawlessly.

With their first Trinity event under their belt, the Soundbox team is quickly filling up their summer event calendar with Trinity, ready for more action, rain or shine. For more details on how to book your next event through Soundbox Productions, please visit

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