PK Sound hits the jungles of Costa Rica for Bamboo Bass Festival

Posted by Casey Hughes

PK Sound hits the jungles of Costa Rica for Bamboo Bass Festival

Nestled under the canopy of an ancient coastal jungle in Jaco, Costa Rica, Bamboo Bass Festival provided the electronic dance music community with an opportunity to collaborate and flourish. The beautiful natural setting hosted an experience that offered festival-goers with a mosaic of local culture, performers, top-tier music and a PK Sound system that boomed through the sweet tropical air.

Bamboo Bass Festival hosted a diversity of musical genres over its 2 days, with a focus on bass music. The intimate and transformative music festival boasted a lineup over 100 artists from around the world representing a wealth of genres, including drum and bass, reggae, dancehall, hip hop and more.

Top acts at Bamboo Bass included Space Jesus, Buku, Stylust Beats, Ill.Gates vs. KJ Sawka, Ill Esha and many more, including local talent. Event-goers came from near and far to bask in the jungle vibes with great music powered by PK Sound.

The PK Sound system deployed at Bamboo Bass Festival consisted of 6 CX800 high power subwoofers, 6 CX215 loudspeakers, 2 Klarity 12 loudspeakers, and 2 Klarity 218 dual 18" high power subwoofers. 

PK Sound hits the jungles of Costa Rica for Bamboo Bass Festival

Jordy Grant, founder of Bamboo Bass Festival directed the event for its second successful year in a row. Jordy, over the years has become part of the PK Sound family—when he isn’t running Bamboo Bass Festival, he works as a technician for PK Sound for large-scale music festivals. As an avid proponent of top-tier production and audio quality, Jordy chose PK Sound for Bamboo Bass Festival, and for his other events in Costa Rica. Jordy is passionate about nurturing the music community, and his use of PK Sound equipment helps to facilitate that.

Moving forward, he has plans to add several PK Sound VX10 compact line arrays to beef up his system, providing additional support as Bamboo Bass Festival continues to grow. Additional line arrays will serve larger gatherings, fostering more growth in the music community in Central America. Using such a flexible and modular PK Sound system has been advantageous for Jordy because it can handle most gigs in Costa Rica, and can be broken down into smaller systems easily.

“It seems simple but almost nobody can offer that level of service down here. Bamboo would not be even close to the same event without our PK Sound system,says Jordy.

Finding reliable equipment in Costa Rica can be challenging. To drive the point home, Jordy revealed that the first time he showed up to play a show in the country, the tech gave him raw speaker cable and a circa 1970 amp to plug into.

PK Sound hits the jungles of Costa Rica for Bamboo Bass Festival

“Our entire team comes together, bringing the best people they know from all the different bass music scenes and it has brought us an extremely talented pool to draw strength from. Bamboo feels like a collaboration between all the best people we know, and when they all come together they create real magic,” says Jordy.

Besides curating such a vibrant, unique festival, Jordy and his team work hard to foster a positive, collaborative music community that fits right in with the Costa Rican way of life.

PK Sound hits the jungles of Costa Rica for Bamboo Bass Festival

“Often cited as the happiest and greenest country on the planet, Costa Rica has a culture of inclusion, kindness for others, and respect for nature. 'Pura vida', or pure life, is more than just a phrase the Costa Ricans say—it is a complete way of life. The foundation of Bamboo Bass Festival is built on these common values and a deep passion for bass music,” says Emalee Brunt, head of PR at Bamboo Bass.

Instilling these values in Bamboo Bass Festival attendees starts from the top down and leaves a lasting impact on the local community. Promoting such values not only takes root in the event itself, but it goes home in the hearts of festival attendees and is seeded in their own communities. This is incredibly important because all participants in this music culture act as ambassadors for the global electronic dance music community.

Bamboo Bass Festival is more than just a music festival – it is an incredible, unforgettable escape from the ordinary. Big ups to Jordy Grant and the Bamboo Bass Festival crew for creating an awe-inspiring gathering in previously uncharted territory. If you missed Bamboo Bass Festival this year, don’t sleep on it for the next round. 2018 is projected to be even bigger and better than previous years, so start planning your trip to Costa Rica now.

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By: Laura Hulberg

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