BE A HERO - Community Fundraiser & Super Hero Costume Party pt.2

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On March 9th, 2013 PK and some of our closest partners are on a mission to give back to the music community we that love and cherish, and to those in need. We are donating 100% of the proceeds from this event to fund a digital music production program run by Antyx Community Arts in Calgary, and to a struggling elementary school in the heart of Cambodia. Join us in a celebration of our music community and give to charities with the purpose of funding the next generation of artists in our own community and assisting education abroad.

This is only possible because of some very special artists and sponsors:




Freq Nasty - PK Sound Freq Nasty


Freq Nasty has been a staple name in big room high energy electronic dance music environments for over a decade and his new releases have expanded his legendary innovations in EDM. With origins forged in four separate nations (Fiji, New Zealand, The UK and the West Coast of America), Freq Nasty has leveraged his multicultural background to straddle and often buck the trends in electronic music culture. An innovator in the UK's nu school breaks' movement in the early 2000's, and an early importer of dubstep to the us in 2006, his current productions range from peak time bass heavy gut crunchers to deep and melodic dubwise vibes. After his early success leading to a cover story in UK EDM BIBLE 'DJ Magazine' he has collaborated with Bassnectar, Santigold & Switch, and done official remixes for artist including hihop legend KRS One, Professor Green, Kelis and Fatboy Slim. Today Freq Nasty continues to push the boundaries of the dance floor forward in his music production while sharing stages with Bassnectar, Beats Antique, Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, and Tipper. Also look for him touring the festival circuit performing with his live band Dub Kirtan All Stars, and also giving his lecture series "The Yoga Of Bass" with partner Claire Thompson.




Die Antwoord "Fink U Freeky" (Freq Nasty remix)
Killaflow "Milk and Whiskey" (Freq Nasty)
Freq Nasty "Not Givin In" Feat. Tippa Irie & Solar Lion
Marty Party & Freq Nasty "Beethoven's Filth"



An-Ten-Nae is one of San Francisco's most sought after DJs and live performers. He has taken the art of live remixing to new heights with his own customized setup that bends genres in ways seldom heard. This sound is called Acid Crunk, and there are no rules, no restraints in its quest for pure sound that is not homogenized.

An-Ten-Nae is an entity possessing the human mind of one Adam Ohana, giving him the ability to transcend above the constraints of music rigidity and transmit bass heavy, crunked out beats of the highest order. His bar raising Live mix mash up compilations, 'Punk Rock Country Hop' and 'Acid Crunk Vol. 1' have set the standard and has defined an era with over 500,000 downloads to date. Picking up steam in 2009 Acid Crunk Vol. 2 & 3 maintained the # 1 seller in Dubstep, Breakbeat, Electronica and Chill out genres simultaneously while also having all 14 tracks in their respective genre top 10, as well as rocking the charts on iTunes, Juno Digital and a host of other sites. With an album in the works and the ever growing Acid Crunk series running at full steam, we see no end in site for the ever changing chameleon known as An*Ten*Nae.

Besides DJ'ing and producing electronic music for over 10 years on a wide collection of esteemed labels, Adam Ohana has also been an instrumental part of the underground music culture in SF. From being the Music director at of San Francisco's largest Club venue 1015 Folsom, to his production company called An-Ten-Nae Presents. An-Ten-Nae presents events helped break a lot of artists in Electronic music on the west coast. His events have helped catalyze what is now a thriving music scene that spans the west coast and increasingly proliferating dance music culture as a whole. He also produces and performs with DJ Laura as The LowRIDERz, this dynamic duo are leaving a path of destruction wherever they go.






(PK Sound / Rottun Recordings  / Muti Music / Shambhala Music Festival)

BE A HERO - Community Fundraiser & Super Hero Costume Party pt.2

Subvert hails from Calgary, Alberta and has been winding his path through music since 1996. One of the founders and lead design engineer at PK Sound he is also director of Village Stage at the world renowned Shambhala Music Festival. He started DJing in 2000 and combined with his extensive work on sound systems and attention to precision sound, he was ultimately & naturally led down the path to creating his own music and once again the low frequencies consumed him. Subvert's sound is a combination of throbbing, relentless basslines, melodic strings and haunting synths singing through drumstep, midtempo glitch, drum and bass and dubstep. His attention to detail and the ability to tune into 'bass that works' can be felt in all of his music productions.

It's all about the bass!



Mark Instinct

Mark is a 25 year old Bass music producer from Canada who is signed to Rottun Records and Sub.Human Recordings. Mark destroys anything put in his way. Nuff Siad.





Mousai performers aim to co-exist within the atmospheric element of any event or festival. This moving art production uses elaborate theatrical costumes and professional grade airbrush artistry by the one of kind Jenny Jenn. Cross-pollinated with a wide spectrum of trained performers from different technical backgrounds. Prop manipulation, acrobatics, contortion, clowning and dancers of all sorts make up the roots of a Mousai performance. We aspire to make your festival unforgettable for all.

Going into their third festival season, Mousai has already been blessed in magical opportunities. Working alongside massive productions featuring artists such as Bassnectar, Diesal Boy, Antennae, DJG (Basscoast 201), Tipper (twice ), Ed Rush and Optical, Noisai, Dirty Phonix, Diplo, Grimes, Subvert, LongWalk Short Dock, AC Slater, TaalMalA,. Kryptic Minds and Ill gates. After Dialing in 8 EDM festivals in summer 2012,one of the biggest accomplishments to date is holding down space at The Village Stage at Shambhala Music Festival, and our Canadian Tour Dates with Skrillex and the FullFlex Express.




La Gogue

La Gogue Inc. has been on fire since its inception in 2010. La Gogue is an ancient French word meaning 'Joy, Happiness', it also stems from the root word for " gogo, meaning âin abundance, galore". With this in mind, the company was created to aim the real purpose back into Go-Go, and take it to the next level; performance free style dance. Since its inception, La Gogue has spread its wings and lead to the addition of male dancers, breakdancers and prop artists.

Feeding off the energy of the crowd is their specialty. It feeds a primal need to move and that energy gets pushed right back at the audience when they dance. The company wants nothing more than to share their love and energy at every opportunity. This common goal creates a unique and strong bond among the performers. It is more than a company, it is a family united by their love and passion of the arts. Their high energy performances have left audiences wanting more across western Canada.



Hero Me Up is the site for fantasy portraiture. Our creations are not the usual caricatures, our in-house artist will turn you and your loved ones into DIGITAL HEROES!! From action to sci-fi, martial arts to movie monsters, there's sure to be a character that inspires you, or peruse the gallery for the perfect fit, and gift, for a loved one.

It's super easy to get started, just select a Digital Hero from our gallery, upload a good quality picture of the face of whomever you want turned into that hero and your Digital Hero will be delivered directly to your e-mail. Please read the FAQ section for details of how to submit the best photos.


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