Get PK in LA

Posted by Casey Hughes

Get PK in LA

When Datsik first experienced PK Sound at Shambhala he made it his mission to be the artist on stage making the crowd go wild—and it didn’t take him long. Rocketing to success over the coming years, he went on his first national tour in 2012, bringing a PK Sound system with him. He’s since taken his very own PK system on his latest tour, with resounding success.

Now that Datsik has a very versatile sound system, PK has partnered up with him to offer it up for rental in Los Angeles. Ideal for anything from mobile DJ’s, pop up shows, clubs and other concert applications, this PK system includes VX10 compact line array cabinets, CX800 dual 18” subs and Klarity 12s. Supporting components include all power cables and distro, a Digico console, drive rack and microphones. Now you can power your next event with Datsik’s very own PK rig!

PK system includes:

Main PA  
  VX 10 compact line array
  CX800 Dual 18" subwoofers 2000W
  Klarity 12 multipurpose loudspeaker
  50A in
  120V SOCA
  RPD 3 phase cam distro
  20A 120V SOCA
  50A CS120/208V
  12 x 20 Edison
FOH System Drive  
  DigiCo S21 Digital Audio Console
  DigiCo D-Rack 32x8
Wireless RF, Mics & DI
  Shure ULX-D Beta 58A Handheld
  SM58 Wired Microphone
  Radial Passive Pro DI

Download the equipment list here.

For details on this equipment and availability contact our PK San Francisco office representative Austin Perkins – austinp(at)

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