PK Sound Powers EDC Mexico

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PK Sound Powers EDC Mexico

Translated from original article in Sound Check Magazine:

Night falls, the vivid colors of neon lights flood the crowd with an iridescent glow and the sound begins to embrace the audience. The people are hypnotized and begin to gather, eager to hear some of the best DJs on the planet. EDC begins...

EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) is one of the biggest and well known electronic music festivals in the world - a festival with artistic requirements that are as high as the technical requirements. It is a monumental production that embraces the senses on all levels with stage design, lights, audio and pyrotechnics. PK Sound was brought in to power 2 of the 3 stages at EDC Mexico: Neon Garden and Circuit Grounds. It was simply spectacular! PK is distributed exclusively by NTX Distribution in Mexico, and this was their debut event.

Edgar Alvarez Pedraza, NTX sales manager says "We’d brought PK Sound’s products into Mexico after last year's Infocomm; people were very interested, and now at EDC there is even more interest from production companies, DJs, sound engineers and AV professionals from throughout the world"

How have you not heard of PK Sound? These babies are rocking hard, offering never-before-seen technology and promising to make the job of audio engineers much more efficient and easy. Just think of one of the biggest difficulties during a show set up: the assembly of the line array.

PK’s VP of Business Development, Paul Magnuson says "each module works to focus the sound field exactly where it is intended, achieving uniform sound coverage. For standard line arrays this often means lowering and raising the entire line array several times to make adjustments. Now imagine being able to do all this remotely. The result is not only convenience but much better sound. Edgar continues "Trinity, is flown straight and once it’s up, the horizontal and vertical angles are adjusted via Kontrol software, to focus the sound."

It is hard to imagine moving a line array in this way. Each speaker houses sets of actuators (motors), that enable each module to move in 3 dimensions - a very smart improvement to line array technology. Trinity is the first system in the world that allow full control the sound field remotely" adds Paul. "Kontrol allows configuration of the vertical and horizontal dispersion, as well as critical DSP settings. The modules can be adjusted horizontally from 60° to 120° with a resolution of 10°, and vertically from to 5.5°, with a resolution of 0.1°."

PK Sound Powers EDC Mexico

Insomniac Events, the producers of EDC, focus on giving the absolute best experiences through the production of their shows - especially the music; One of the biggest challenges of the festival. With all the stages at EDC in close proximity, sound bleed is an issue that can dampen the experience. One of the key challenges of sound engineers is to prevent this. Trinity, coupled with Kontrol software make the task an easy one. "Any adjustments can be done on the fly, even while the show is playing, if necessary" emphasizes Paul.

One of the reasons why PK Sound was chosen to provide sound for EDC Mexico and Las Vegas is the powerful, clean bass frequencies. "Electronic music is one of the most demanding genres in determining the performance of a PA," says Edgar, "especially at frequencies below 100 Hz. If a system can withstand long hours of play under these conditions, no doubt it can withstand anything else.”

"However, control of dispersion, as we all know, is much more difficult with subwoofers. Part of the solution for EDC Mexico was to build the sub wall in a cardioid pattern. We used CX800 dual 18” subwoofers. These are very powerful, with extremely clear and deep bass. The solution to control the sound bleed is the use of cardioid systems, but in the not too distant future we may develop a version of Trinity subwoofers" explains Paul. The CX800 is built with a two thousand Watt Class D amplifier, capable of a maximum SPL of 139 dB. They sound great!

PK Sound Powers EDC Mexico

PK Sound is a company founded by music enthusiasts and audio engineers. Paul Magnuson said: "What we want at PK Sound is for each of our products to be truly unique. We like to take risks. We like to get out of our comfort zone. And at the same time, we build our products to provide a true connection between artist and audience. This is why every time we are designing a system for a particular type event or artist, communication is essential. That is, we always strive to understand what the artists is trying to communicate to their audience through their music, whether it be soft and intimate, or hard and visceral; whatever their music, PK strives to reproduce it faithfully."

PK Sound and electronic music make an exceptional combination. One made for the other. To anyone who claims to not like the hypnotic trance sounds and rhythms of eclectic house should head down the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez for next year’s EDC Mexico. The experience will make anyone a fan.
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