Announcing the release of Gravity 218

Posted by Casey Hughes

Announcing the release of Gravity 218

PK Sound is excited to launch the second product from their new Gravity series of subwoofers: the Gravity 218. This new subwoofer is a high-output, low-frequency dual 18” module designed with power and flexibility in mind. With a high-power amplifier, optimized vent design, integration with Kontrol™ software and optional rigging, the Gravity 218 is perfect for a multitude of applications.

Utilizing Integrated Powered Adaptive Loudspeaker (IPAL) technology the Gravity 218 achieves exceptional tonality and low distortion. This space efficient low-frequency module dramatically increases output per cubic volume when compared to traditional dual 18” loudspeakers. The unrestricted vent ensures streamlined airflow, eliminating port noise and increasing output. An 8,000-watt class D amplifier provides efficient high-output power to two high-excursion 18” transducers.

PK Sound president and CEO Jeremy Bridge says, “We’ve released the Gravity 218 as a powerful replacement for standard dual 18” subwoofers. Like the Gravity 30, it is designed to provide unprecedented power for its size. We’ve designed the Gravity 218 to be stacked or flown with optional rigging so it can be used in a variety of applications, from touring to permanent installs. Our team is extremely proud of this new subwoofer and we can’t wait for you to hear it for yourself.”

The Gravity 218 is cardioid arrayable, providing the maximum amount of flexibility when creating large subwoofer arrays, especially when a high amount of directionality is required. The subwoofer is available in both installation and touring versions. Both models integrate seamlessly with PK’s Kontrol™ software, enabling remote access to key DSP features and real-time monitoring. Automatic-Array detection utilizes the module's built-in IR sensors to quickly map relative cabinet positions in Kontrol™ for a quick and seamless setup of subwoofer arrays. The touring model incorporates an integrated rigging assembly, allowing up to 12 cabinets to be suspended when coupled with the custom flybar.

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