PK Sound Releases 3D Wavefront Control White Paper

Posted by Casey Hughes


PK Sound announces the release of its comprehensive white paper detailing 3D Wavefront Control. Readers will be provided with an intimate look behind the technology that powers Trinity, the world’s first robotic line array.

5 years of research and development work is culminated in the white paper, providing readers with an authoritative guide on the technology that promises to transform the way we look at sound reinforcement. “By giving audio engineers the ability to sculpt the sound field in three dimensions, we are able to achieve precision and accuracy previously unobtainable.” Says PK Sound President and CEO, Jeremy Bridge. “3D Wavefront Control provides users with a new set of tools to overcome the challenges they face by reducing setup times and maintaining acoustic integrity.”


With 3D Wavefront Control, the properties of the sound field can be changed remotely and instantly from a laptop. Changing conditions both inside and outside of a venue require a system that can adapt quickly and easily. Having complete control over the vertical and horizontal directivity at all times empowers users to focus the sound exactly where it is intended, without dramatic DSP manipulation.

The 3D Wavefront Control white paper goes into detail on the following:

  • ♦ The need for control of the sound field on the horizontal plane
  • ♦ Reducing the noise floor with variable horizontal directivity
  • ♦ Reduction of noise pollution with variable horizontal directivity
  • ♦ Improving the stereo image – asymmetrical and symmetrical directivity
  • ♦ The advantage of increased sensitivity – benefits of a variable waveguide
  • ♦ The advantage of 0.1° resolution – provide consistent venue coverage
  • ♦ Kontrol™ software - remote control of system directivity and DSP settings
  • ♦ Real-time adjustment – the benefits of adapting to changing conditions as they happen
  • ♦ The advantage of flying the array straight – quick, easy, safe
  • ♦ Simple and practical use – intuitive design of all system components
  • ♦ Reduction of DSP manipulation to achieve result

“3D Wavefront Control provides engineers with the ability to control every aspect of the sound field. It is the first of its kind - and we are excited to share it with everyone in the following white paper" says Jeremy Bridge.

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