Red Room in Vancouver proudly powered by PK

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Red Room in Vancouver proudly powered by PKThe rumblings of a new chapter for PK Sound in Western Canada was realized this past spring with the installation of a PK Sound rig in Vancouver based nightclub The Red Room. The first full club installation on the west coast, it signaled the advancement of PK Sound's domination of sound and production whilst satisfying bass head demands for premium audio experiences.

Red Room in Vancouver proudly powered by PKLocated at 398 Richards Street in the bustling downtown Vancouver core, The Red Room has become well known for providing the home base for electronic music shows and a rotation of various club nights in addition to live events. Furthermore, with the introduction of the new PK Sound rig, Digital Motion Events has kicked off a brand new weekly called SUBculture Saturday's for all those craving the low end frequencies.

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"The Red Room has been promoting electronic music in Vancouver for well over 8+ Years and has seen a great number of top international and local artists spins all genres of electronica. The club has always been considered as one of the best rooms in the city in terms of Sound and production, Digital Motion Events owner and Red Room Talent Buyer/ Bookings manager Blake McRitchie states when talking about Red Room's ability to showcase eclectic musical styles."But over the last while I wanted to take it from good, to amazing, and I felt that PK Sound was the only speaker manufacture company to look at in order to make that a reality. They're a Canadian brand and are independently run, just like our establishment, so it only felt right!" he continues.


Not surprisingly, McRitchie commented that party goers and live music lovers will notice a positive change from the new installation. "It's a great feeling when you know that the sound system is going to be fantastic week in, week out. Especially for the types of music we are pushing; it's key to have a proper system that's clear, tuned and well balanced. The change is evident right when you're standing in line as you arrive inside the club." Red Room and Digital Motion are one of the few clubs on the west coast that take their audio and production quality seriously. The addition of PK Sound within Red Room speaks to the desire to enhance the party goers experiences and keep them returning for more.

SUBculture, the new nightly curated by Digital Motion Events, is focusing on pushing all he bass sounds on a weekly basis whilst highlighting both international and local artists. "SUBculture Saturday's is going to be the new home in Vancity to catch top bass music artists representing the sounds of drum and bass, dubstep, trap, glitch hop, and other low end sounds in a club setting. We've already gone through our first few months and the feedback has been amazing! We're only just getting started!"

For more information on Digital Motion Events, checkout their Facebook page to stay on top of all their forthcoming shows. Also be sure to review Red Room's website for information about their other regular events.


- Amy Selekta

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