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PK Sound Ear Plugs


Keep your ears safe so you can enjoy music for a long time!

Quiet parties arenât much fun. As todayâs musicians continue to push the envelope, sound systems follow the trend, getting bigger, badder and louder. We want to FEEL the music around us, to be completely submerged in an awesome sea of music.

 We want to be right up front where the actionâs at, but the reality is our ears just werenât designed to withstand hundreds of thousands of watts of pulsing sound.

The fundamental physics of sound dictate that volume decreases by six decibels each time you double the distance from a loudspeaker. Letâs imagine the artist has required a minimum 110db for everyone. Itâs a good party so Iâm standing 100 feet back from the speaker in the crowd. It sounds nice and crisp where I am, but my wife Eroca likes being a bit closer, so sheâs 50 feet away in the middle of the dance floor and itâs 116db at her position. Oh thereâs a stilt-walkerâheâs got to be about 25 feet out and now itâs 122db at his ears.  Then we have our friend Patâheâs got his head literally shoved inside the bass binsâ¦.crazy but he loves it (and he wears earplugs) 140db!

Imagine your friend from work sees you from across the room, runs over cups his hands around your hear and starts to shout straight into your ear so he you can be sure you hear the most amazing thing that happened to him last nightâ¦youâll never believe it!


Enter the ear plug! They come in all shapes and sizes. At shows that PKâs involved with, youâll likely see a pile of free snazzy black ones with our logo on themâfor our fellow music lovers who forgot theirs at home. Musiciansâ moulded ear plugs are inexpensive, reusable and available in -15db and -25db worth of sound protection. These are specifically designed to allow the sound-conscious to hear optimally while protecting your hearing. They will transform your experience.  I used to hate wearing ear plugs, but now that Iâm used to wearing them I love âem. You can have conversations easily in a very loud room, your favourite friend who screams in your ear all night is welcome once again (and you can understand her!) Honestly I wish I would have bought my ear plugs 15 years ago. I love them and they go everywhere with me.  Iâve been hard on these old earsâand I want to be able to enjoy this crazy bass music right up to my last days!

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