Moonlight Productions Elevates Level of Local Shows by Partnering with PK Sound

Posted by Trevor Grenier



Moonlight Productions Elevates Level of Local Shows by Partnering with PK Sound

Since 2014, Moonlight Productions has been raising the level of refinement and magnitude of electronic dance music events in the greater Southwest Montana region. Now, after establishing a relationship with PK Sound and becoming the first customers to purchase a Trinity 10 Advanced Robotic Line Array, Moonlight Productions founders Greg Ostrander and Spencer Rygg have brought their business — in addition to local EDM shows — to a higher plateau. To Ostrander, purchasing the Trinity 10 has made everything before the partnership with PK seem to Ostrander like a different era in the company's history. “It’s funny how long ago that all seems,” Ostrander said. “Nowadays we are regularly booking internationally touring artists, many of whom would not likely come through Montana on a typical tour. They've all been very excited to play on some of the newest PK loudspeakers.”

A longtime EDM concertgoer, Ostrander admired PK Sound loudspeakers from afar before he and Rygg founded Moonlight Productions. He always considered PK equipment to be more of aspirational goal than a potential purchase, at least during the company's nascent stages. “I remember back in 2011 seeing Excision in Utah with 100,000 watts of PK power,” Ostrander said. “It was advertised all over their event page, and I figured the show was going to be pretty heavy, especially given Excision's style of music. To make a long story short, I was blown away. PK has been on my radar ever since, knowing that any show with their audio is going to be high quality.”

After attending the Burning Man Festival in 2017, Ostrander and Rygg were so impressed with the PK Sound system at the festival's Camp Questionmark that they decided it was time to raise the funds to up the level of their own sound system. Eventually, they contacted PK Sound Senior Account Manager Trevor Grenier, who gave them the kind of customer service they were looking for when making a sizeable investment in their business's future. “To highlight one very important thing for a company of our relatively small size: PK was among a couple other companies that we initially contacted about a system, but they were the only company that responded with much enthusiasm to help us,” Ostrander explained. “They showed interest in building a personal relationship with us and helping to pinpoint our needs in the Montana market.


“In one afternoon visiting PK, we saw Trevor work with a client 10 times our size, as well as someone purchasing maybe a tenth of what we bought. We have been continually impressed by their level of professionalism, and by how they are still keeping that initial allure of the music scene alive in their business. There are fun people involved in their entire team.”

After gaining a thorough understanding of Moonlight Productions goals, Grenier helped Ostrander and Rygg decide on a more compact version of PK Sound's flagship line array with the Trinity 10, which PK recently unveiled at the 2019 NAMM Show. The smaller system, which boasts the functionality of the full-sized Trinity array, was a better fit for their setup needs. “After that initial decision, we have had a blast with everyone involved in our work with PK,” Ostrander said. “There's nothing like seeing your speakers being hand-built. It really gave us a perspective of the quality and passion put into everything they do.”

Since purchasing their new PK Sound system, Moonlight Productions' relationship to PK has continued to flourish. “We came to PK because of the obvious quality they bring to the electronic music industry,” Ostrander concluded. “We are staying with them because of their excellent customer service, the brand's versatility to grow past electronic music — and because you haven't heard bass music until you've heard it through a PK system.”



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