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PK Sound is proud to announce the official release of Kontrol 2.4 - A loudspeaker management software and companion to PK Sound's flagship line array systems, the Trinity and Trinity 10 systems as well as the Gravity 30 and Gravity 218 subwoofer series. Kontrol 2.4 equips engineers with powerful tools that allow remote control of both the vertical and horizontal directivity of the array, as well as access to key DSP parameters and real-time monitoring during operation. With Kontrol 2.4, set up time is greatly reduced with quick and precise adjustments without the need for additional personnel. Kontrol 2.4 provides a new set of tools for sound engineers to maximize effectiveness of the Trinity and Gravity loudspeaker technologies.



  • • Single-point flybar support for Trinity and Trinity 10
  • • Single-point flybar lug position selection
  • • Support for module variants


  • • Improved acoustic compensation for Trinity 10 horn flare movement using FIR filters.
  • • Improved module discovery reliability and speed
  • • Improved single-point flybar safety model to include newly supported array configurations.
  • • Keyboard shortcuts for saving show file (CTRL+S).
  • • Improved module connection status sensing and reporting
  • • VU meters more closely represent perceived volume


  • • Application would stop responding if "New Show" clicked repeatedly
  • • Trinity 10 channel indicator order corrected 
  • • Subwoofer clusters incorrectly reported as unsafe in certain scenarios
  • • Module time delay adjustments are more responsive
  • • Reverse flybar now saves to show file
  • • Subwoofer clusters mirror status correctly saves to show file
  • DSP monitoring halted in certain scenarios


  • • Vertical angle feedback can be slow to respond in certain scenarios
  • • Cancelling certain stages of the module discovery process can be slow to respond



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