Posted by Pierre Bastianelli

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 Pk Sound is proud to announce the official release of Kontrol 2.3 - A loudspeaker management software and companion to PK Sound's flagship line array system, Trinity, as well as our newest addition to the Advanced Robotic Line Array systems, the Trinity 10. Kontrol  2.3 equips engineers with powerful tools that allow remote control of both the vertical and horizontal directivity of the array, as well as access to key DSP parameters and real-time monitoring during operation. With the Kontrol 2.3 software set up time is greatly reduced with quick and precise adjustments without the requirement of additional personnel. Kontrol 2.3 software provides a new set of tools for sound engineers to maximize effectiveness of the Trinity and Gravity loudspeaker technologies.



  • Solo mode: quickly cycle through soloing each module in the workspace
  • Simultaneous horn flare movement for linked line arrays
  • Reset DSP modules in selected line array/cluster is now available
  • Line array delays can be linked
  • Close confirmation required during application updates



  • M key for movement is now available when keyboard is focused on the "Quick Settings" textbox
  • Auto array options are now a drop-down button instead of a Yes/No/Cancel pop-up
  • Reset DSP options are now a drop-down button
  • Delay field increment is now more fine



  • Right clicking and dragging modules in the workspace no longer causes position errors
  • Mode indicators on the bottom status bar were missing, they're back now
  • Modules will no longer be placed behind existing line arrays when using "Add to Show"
  • CTRL-Click on a selected line array now deselects it properly
  • Zoom to fit no longer allows the side tabs to obscure modules
  • Mute all button no longer slides off the screen in Monitoring mode
  • False-positive on limiting indicator for Gravity