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Operating within the fertile musical territory that lies between button-pressing and axe-wielding, electro rock duo Bob Moses is a quickly rising act that’s gaining notoriety for blending the best of both worlds. Best described as live house music, but reaching for so much more than that, the act cleverly composes scores that both pushes the envelope and shows hints of what the future of music may be like.

Vancouver natives Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance got their start in Brooklyn, New York and have been making big moves since then. This spring their hit ‘Tearing Me Up’ from the album Days Gone By earned them a Grammy Award after reaching the top 40 on Billboard’s rock hit list.

To kick things off this summer, the duo played Lightning in a Bottle’s mainstage, which was outfitted with PK Sound's Trinity system. While the music off Bob Moses’ album is moody and sedate, the duo (and their newly added live drummer) takes their live audience on a journey with their sultry, progressive energy.


Pairing this live act with PK Sound’s Trinity line array and encompassing system was a match made in heaven – because of its easy setup, clear midrange, and powerful bass, Bob Moses and their support team were able to perform at their best and deliver an exceptional performance.

For Bob Moses and their sound engineer, Patrick Ball, audio quality and timing are everything. Having a PA system that gets it right from the beginning and doesn’t require additional tuning or tweaking is of paramount importance. Often times at events there is little to no time for sound check, and Lightning in a Bottle was no different.

In a discussion about live mixing for electronic duo Bob Moses, Ball noted how important it is for him to be able to focus on the music rather than adjusting a PA system during a performance.

“I am constantly moving from section to section of each song, changing levels, EQ’s, filters, and effects; there are probably 20-30 cues per song I want to hit. That being said, I need to keep my focus on staying in time with the music, riding the wave of what is happening on the stage. One thing I don’t have time to focus on is trying to tweak or even manhandle a PA system that doesn’t sound good,” he explained.


 Thankfully, PK Sound’s high performance Trinity system lived up to its name.

“I had high expectations for PK Sound and even so I was still surprised at how good it sounded right out of the gate. Super clear, super punchy, power with a capital P,” said Ball of the system deployed at the Lightning Stage.

PK Sound’s Trinity line array, high powered subs, and hardworking team of technicians and engineers all helped the acts at Lightning in a Bottle shine their brightest during their performances. 

The Lightning Stage’s line array included 12 TRINITY modules per side. The PK Sound team used 40 CX800 HIGH POWER DUAL 18″ SUBWOOFERS for the sub wall to fulfill the need for punchy low-end that has become a standard in today’s music. In addition to the main PA, 10 CX800 subwoofers and 3 VX10 COMPACT LINE ARRAYS were used for side fill, plus 2 VX12 LINE ARRAY for front fill. 8 SW215 LOW PROFILE STAGE WEDGES were utilized as monitors on the main stage.

Lightning in a Bottle was an excellent platform to allow Trinity line array to showcase its talents, and it is apparent that PK Sound hit the mark, whether Bob Moses or Bassnectar was coming out of the speakers. PK Sound is glad to have been a part of yet another Lightning in a Bottle, where dreamers and doers alike came together to celebrate.

Want to catch Bob Moses at an upcoming gig? Check out their website for their latest tour dates here: 

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By: Laura Hulberg


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