Recognized as one of Calgary’s premiere venues, HiFi Club is the place to see world-renowned DJ’s in the chic setting of a fine art gallery. For over a decade HiFi has been a staple in the arts and entertainment community for music aficionados.

Structural challenges and unconventional sound dispersion properties are some of the most common issues we encounter with historic venues, but here at PK we love their personality. For HiFi Club, we designed a system that would keep the sound levels under the bylaw limits and within this 3500 square foot venue, while ensuring the powerful and dynamic experience of a music festival.

The PK system design team implemented six CX215-60 and two Klarity 12″ high performance loudspeakers, supported by five CX800 high power subs at the front of the dance floor. This specialised system was configured to focus the sound within the venue, keeping SPL levels high within the venue, and well below city bylaw limits outside.


  • Older building
  • Odd venue shape; speakers had to be placed according to architecture
  • SPL restrictions and noise complaints
  • Demanding genres and world class DJs – the sound has to be bang-on