There is a reason why CODA is one of the hottest night spots in Toronto, and why we’re proud it features one of our best systems. Located in Toronto at the trendy crossroads of Bloor and Bathurst, CODA occupies a voluptuous space tailored for experiencing the best music.

We have been working with CODA over the past two years, through several upgrades to their space. CODA takes painstaking attention to detail in ensuring full audio coverage of their venue.

Support columns, low ceilings and a tight dance floor posed some interesting challenges when planning the audio dispersion. A system consisting of a six cabinet VX12 high power line array, seven CX800 high power subs and two VX10 compact line array loudspeakers as DJ booth monitors was configured by PK’s design team. The success of the system is noticed immediately once you walk through the door – the venue is teeming with the energy of defined and intelligible sound.


  • Odd venue shape with low ceilings
  • Dense urban area with lots of surrounding residential buildings
  • Demanding clientele
  • Historic building with structural and acoustic issues
  • Distributed audio throughout multiple rooms