The legendary sound of Shambhala Music Festival can be experienced year-round at Bloom Nightclub in Nelson, BC, Canada. The world renowned Shambhala Music Festival Ltd. opened its very own nightclub in the historic Savoy Hotel building, restoring the hotel after a fire had rendered it condemned years earlier.

PK Sound worked with owner and founder of Shambhala, Jimmy Bundschuh, and his team to bring the Bloom vision to life with four CX215-60 15″ high powered loudspeakers, six CX800 dual 18″ subwoofers, two Klarity 12’s and six Klarity 8’s assembled to make one of our most high impact, full-bodied systems ever.


  • Low ceilings
  • SPL management
  • High intensity music
  • Bands & DJs on different stages in same room
  • Historic building