The world’s leading nightclub, lounge, restaurant and retail designers know the critical importance of precise sound systems to create the most effective customer experiences. Their best ideas are realized through the rewarding collaboration with PK Sound – creating the signature experiences of Bloom, Red Room, Ten, HiFi, CODA and other top night clubs in cities across the US and Canada. From the Monarch Theatre in Phoenix, AZ to the Duke Saloon in Victoria, B.C. you can find PK Sound experiences across North America in venues that include sporting complexes, churches, restaurants, nightclubs and retail spaces.

Whether you’re just beginning design concepts for a brand new venture, or wanting to re-create your existing space, working with the PK Sound team can help you attain results to put your name at the top of every patron’s list. Our full in-house portfolio of expertise, experience and equipment will bring your brand alive with services including  acoustical analysis and professional sound systems, video mapping, custom rigging, staging and lighting design – as well as our sound systems that assure you of true, professional performance with remarkable durability.


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