CLIENT:  Beakerhead
VENUE:  Outdoor public spaces, private indoor venues, art galleries, city streets and parks throughout Calgary
Annually, Beakerhead immerses the city of Calgary into a one week festival of art, science and engineering. “Science hits the street” with four blocks of exhibits and events that encourage creative thinking through hands-on exploration and discovery. For the leaders in STEAM (science, technology, education, art, mathematics) sharing their creations means production requirements across the board.

PK Sound has been working with Beakerhead over the last three years, providing production services that meet a diverse and radically creative range of needs. Nothing is off limits for our team when working with Beakerhead, and together we’ve accomplished the fascinating and the fantastic.

PK’s design team worked tirelessly with the organizers, artists and the public to build highly technical, creative and innovative, concert-quality events in the streets, parks and interior spaces of urban Calgary. Through the coordination of audio, power, rigging, pyro, lighting and video services we helped to bring moving experiences to life. Beakerhead encourages us to push the limits of our creativity, and there are no doubts next year will bring many new and exciting opportunities to craft even more immersive experiences.

  • Transforming simple city streets into elaborate event spaces
  • Developing infrastructure for complex production – power, data, décor, etc.
  • Producing concert quality productions in back alleys
  • Producing events safely in high traffic, public spaces
  • Satisfying all the needs of each art installation, on budget, on time
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