Electrical Engineer (Embedded Firmware)

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PK is currently looking for a creative, self-starting, engineer who is ready to develop new loudspeaker products with passion and precision. 

As a successful candidate, you will be joining our team of passionate mechanical, acoustic, and software engineers. You will be developing and supporting new technologies that are revolutionizing the way sound is experienced at venues across the globe. Our technology includes work class loudspeaker systems, embedded systems and integration with DSP chips and large-scale network communication.

At PK sound people are number one, and these people own the company.   PK is owned by all of us, the people on the ground, in the trenches, doing the real work and who truly have a passion for what our company is about, creating powerful experiences! 

PK is an owner-operated loudspeaker manufacturer and production company proudly headquartered in Calgary Alberta Canada, servicing the world. We pride ourselves on being a fresh alternative to the status quo, providing creative and innovative solutions in an ever-evolving marketplace. It is one thing to hear music; it is another to experience it.  PK Sound was born out of the marriage of acoustic engineering and human emotion, in facilitation of the connection between artist and fan.  We measure performance as much in the reaction of a devoted fan as in the read-out of a lab instrument.  In all we do, wherever the PK logo appears, there can be no compromise, and no end in our desire to achieve new standards of performance, better ways of collaboration, and new avenues of innovation to advance industry technology for all.

There is no doubt we work hard, but we share in the success and we have a lot of fun doing it.  If you are looking for a company with an amazing brand, industry changing technology, an exceptional work place environment and that is poised to aggressively grow on the global market, this career is for you!  



  1. Employee ownership program
  2. Working with cutting edge technology
  3. Fun work environment
  4. Making the world a happier place
  5. Flex Days
  6. Attractive benefits
  7. Free parking
  8. Company excursions
  9. Weekly Yoga



  • Design and develop production-quality code for Product Development.
  • Devise, document, and run test cases to debug and test code, including unit tests.
  • Complete code reviews, both as reviewer and as reviewee.
  • Document design and usage, as well as change log / release notes.
  • Brainstorm improvements to architecture and development process.
  • Provide support for team in troubleshooting issues in the field and in development.
  • Design, prototype, test and prepare projects for manufacturing.
  • Loudspeaker measurement and analysis.
  • Field testing of loudspeakers, ensuring operations under extreme conditions.
  • Participate in all phases of product lifecycle from specification to testing.
  • Effectively communicate progress and problems to management and other departments.
  • Create product documentation and user manuals.



  • Demonstrated RTOS firmware development in C.
  • Experience with any other firmware development tools and environments is an asset.
  • Experience in firmware design with processors, FPGAs, memory, and industry interfaces, such as PCIe, Ethernet, I2C, UART, SPI.
  • Experience with communication protocols, UDP, TCP, Modbus, Linbus.
  • Experience with PCB design tasks and proven ability to use tools to design (schematic capture), analyze and simulate designs prior to hardware execution.
  • Proven ability to use tools to design, analyze and simulate designs prior to hardware execution.
  • Knowledge of professional audio and/or DSP architecture.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage technical and schedule risks and to identify cost reduction opportunities
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Critical and pragmatic thinking
  • A collaborative, ego-free approach to problem solving
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Must be well versed in Microsoft Word and Excel



  • Loudspeaker design.
  • DSP design
  • Agile product development lifecycle experience (Kanban, Scrum).
  • Continuous Integration / build server / continuous delivery experience
  • .NET (C#, .NET Micro framework) experience
  • Network programming (experience with UDP/TCP coding, protocol creation/development).



  • Bachelor’s Degree in electrical engineering.
  • Minimum of 4 years of experience in embedded design.
  • Experience with embedded test techniques, design for test, design margin analysis and design for production.


  • A valid passport, with the ability to travel without restriction.




Interested candidates should send their resume to
.  Only successful candidates will receive contact to establish immediate next steps. No phone calls please.





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