• High efficiency
    Self-powered modules
  • Ground stacking & rigging for suspension
  • Exceptional fidelity
    & output
  • Extremely low distortion
  • light weight
    & truck smart
  • Selectable DSP configurations
  • Premium quality
  • High-grade void-free Baltic birch construction
  • Perforated metal grill lined with acoustical black foam
  • Tour-grade high-impact EXL Polyurea
  • Powercon locking
    power cable

The PK VX12 self-powered, three-way line array offers unparalleled performance and ease of use. The high frequency section consists of three 1.75″ planar wave drivers meticulously engineered to provide perfect acoustical coupling, creating a continuous isophasic line source. Quad 6″€ neodymium, low distortion midrange drivers provide exceptional dynamic intelligibility. Dual high power 12″€ transducers with 3″€ voice coils together assure high flux concentration, low power compression and excellent heat exchange. Each powered cabinet houses a high efficiency 2500 watt Class-D amplifier with built-in DSP, using the latest generation power MOSFET transistors for up to 95% efficiency. The cabinet is constructed from 100% void-free Baltic birch and coated in the industry’€™s toughest EXL Polyeura finish.