Klarity 218

PK Sound-Klarity218-1


  • Premium quality transducers
  • High-grade void-free Baltic birch construction
  • High efficiency class-D amplification
  • Full power intelligent limiting
  • M8 rigging for suspension
  • 4 selectable DSP configurations
  • 12 gauge heavy duty grill
  • Road ready EXL Polyurea coating
  • Tour-grade high-impact EXL Polyurea

The Klarity 218 is a high output, dual 18″, self-powered subwoofer. Extremely tight low frequency extension with multiple user selectable presets allow these low frequency cabinets to pair perfectly with other Klarity series loudspeakers. This powerful cabinet with integral, high efficiency, class D amplifier maximizes ease of use in a wide variety of applications making it a suitable candidate for both portable and installed applications. The Klarity 218, with 6 handles, non skid, high density, stacking, rubber feet and integral rear mounted transport casters are designed with the end user in mind allowing instant flexibility in nearly every application. Advanced features such as cardiod operation typically available only in touring quality equipment are standard in Klarity subwoofers. The extremely rugged, void free Baltic birch cabinet, is finished with an impact resistant tour grade Polyurea coating that outlasts standard painted cabinets by years.