PK Sound-CX800-2


  • Unparalleled low
    frequency extension
    to 25Hz
  • Very high efficiency
    Class-D amplification
  • Cardioid arrayable
  • Extremely low distortion
  • Truck smart
    Cabinet dimensions
  • Lightweight
    neodymium drivers
  • High-grade void-free Baltic
    birch construction
  • Perforated metal grill lined with acoustical black foam
  • Tour-grade high-impact EXL Polyurea
  • IP65 Powercon TRUE1 locking
    power cable

The CX800 is a high power subwoofer constructed from 100% void-free Baltic birch, and coated in the industry’€™s toughest EXL Polyurea finish. Each powered cabinet houses a high efficiency 2000 watt class-D amplifier with built-in DSP settings and the latest generation power MOSFET transistors for up to 95% efficiency, allowing quiet fan- less operation. Two high performance 18″€ neodymium extended low frequency transducers provide a lightweight package while offering unequalled reliability. State-of-the-art 5.3″€ voice coils, triple silicon spiders and large displacement suspension systems allow 70mm of excursion before damage with 28mm of linear Xmax. Extremely low distortion is further diminished by an aluminum demodulation ring, which flattens both impedance and phase response.