New PK CX215 Powered Speaker Box

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PK CS215 SeriesThis is our new medium format trapezoidal speaker for small / medium ground stacking or flying. With a pounding 15″ low/mid driver and a 1.4″ horn driver this powerhouse will be a new favorite with rental and production customers alike. This speaker is suitable in trapezoidal arrays for main PA, stage monitoring, high power DJ monitors, side / front and down fill, including delays in large scale systems. With a 1500W bi-amped digital power module on board, XLR looping from module to module makes stacking clusters a snap. Just plug in and go!

CX215-60 Product Sheet

CX215-90 Product Sheet


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    • Datsik

      “In today’s music world, sound is such a major factor with live performances, it can really make or break an experience. With PK, their understanding to this area is paramount to any competitor having a strong team of leading industry professionals behind them who live and breath their work, a testament to their success to date. Plain and simple, you haven’t properly experienced a proper concert live until you’ve heard it on a PK system.”

      —Saad A., Datsik Management

    • Far-To-Loud

      “I was mighty impressed by the PK rigs they had at Shambhala festival in Canada last year. Hadn’€™t hear their sound before and that festival seemed a bit of a showcase for them. I spent 5 mins in front of the wall of bass bins when Ed Rush and Optical were playing (with earplugs of course!) and it was DnB as I’€™ve never experienced it before.”

      —Far Too Loud

    • Bassnectar

      “PK is the cleanest, full bodied sound I’ve ever felt!”


    • Caspa-Testimonial

      “This is how bass music should sound! PK all the way!”


    • Dieselboy

      “PK Sound have the best sound so you have this amazing atmosphere to play in and this amazing sound system…You really feel transported. It doesn’t feel like you’€™re playing at a rave it feels like you’€™re in another world that is completely immersive! It’s just top to bottom an amazing experience.”


    • “€œPK Sound has given us the ability to bring ultra clean and crisp audio to all of our shows! As a mobile DJ company, we look for 2 major things when buying speakers, extremely high sound quality and indestructible speaker durability. We have never heard better sounding compact speakers anywhere and have never seen speakers more durable anywhere else on the market! Being able to bring the PK experience to our shows has greatly increased our reputation as a company! Using PK Sound has been one of the best decisions we have made at Split Circuit Sound over the past 25 years!” -Matt Phunk, Manager  

      —Split Circuit Sound

    • Skrillex

      “I’€™ve mixed Skrillex at more than a hundred shows all over the world on the best sound systems out there including Meyer, L-acoustics, D&B, but I have found that the power, depth and clarity achieved by PK Sound is unmatched. For a young company they are really making waves, building sound systems that truly bring out the immensity of electronica.”

      —PJ Miller, FOH Engineer


    • Park

      “I will be recommending your services to everyone in the fashion industry”

      —Kara Chomistek


    • Shambhala

      “It has been a pleasure working with PK Sound. Shambhala has built it’s reputation around the sound quality on the dance floor, and PK is a large part of that. Always professional, always timely, PK has been pushing the limits to deliver superior quality. I wouldn’t want to do a show without them.”

      —Corrine Zawaduk, Production Manager

      Shambhala Music Festival

    • Sasquatch

      PK's ability to consult, construct, integrate, install and maintain advanced audio and visual setups make them a leader in their field.

      —Stavros Karlos

      Dancing Sasquatch Nightclub

    • Excision

      PK Sound has become an integral part of my production team always providing exemplary service and an incredible product. Along with having some of the best gear around it is truly apparent that everyone at PK really cares about the success of my tours.

      —Jeff Abel | Excision

      Rottun Recordings

    • Skrillex

      “Fullflex Express was an amazing tour not only for the fans but for the artists and crew that were able to be apart. Choosing quality vendors like PK Sound was not only important for the quality of product but for the people behind the companies. We wanted every aspect of the tour to be about family, community, and good hard working vibes. That is what PK Sound is all about.” Robert H. Dyar Jr, Tour Manager



    • Lake-Louise

      “Best party we’€™ve ever had out here!”

      —Danielle Sherman

      Lake Louise

    • Skrillex

      “PK Sound delivers a sonic experience unlike any other.  Their expertise in electronic music and passion for the art of sound results in an intensity and visceral bass experience more pleasurable than any system on the market.  Working with PK Sound on the Mothership and Full Flex Express tours with Skrillex was a pleasure and I would offer them the highest recommendation possible for anyone looking for the next level in sound reinforcement.”

      —Corey Johnson, Partner/Head of Production


    • Sunshine Village

      “PK sound provided professional and personal service every step of the way. For a series of concerts over 5 weekends in cold temperatures and snow they delivered without an issue. I would definitely recommend them for all your production needs.”  

      —Marie-Claire, Supervisor Events

      Sunshine Village

    • The Glitch Mob

      Thanks to PK sound for providing proper eye ball rattling bass this weekend. Good sound is SO important for electronic music. It’s not easy to pull of either. After all… this is sound system music.

      —The Glitch Mob

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