A major tour. A special concert. A grand opening. A new night club. Without sound, nothing happens, and with great sound, great things can happen. Creating that sound without compromise, indoors or out, in large spaces or small, is where PK Sound continues to excel. To ensure our standards of performance and collaboration, we offer the complete portfolio of planning, staging, audio, video and theatrical services in-house.

PK Sound collaborates with the industry's best in building amazing experiences. Whether on an international 30+ event tour, in the middle of the desert, or on the top of a mountain, we push the boundaries of system design and foster meaningful relationships along the way.

Datsik Firepower Tour


From stadiums to amphitheaters, the Rockies to the Nevada desert, PK Sound continues to exceed expectations of fans and performers alike throughout North America.


Lightning In A Bottle - California, USA.


Never in the history of live entertainment have expectations been higher. Today’s fans and concert-goers demand perfection not only from the artist, but from the entire sensory experience.


Monster Ruckus In The Rockies


With events, there’s no tomorrow, a fact which means you need the expertise, equipment, and logistical know-how to ensure success right from the beginning to the very end.


Bloom Nightclub - Nelson, BC.


The world’s leading nightclub, lounge, restaurant and retail designers know the critical importance of precise sound systems to create the most effective customer experiences.


  • Shambhala Music Festival

    "It has been a pleasure working with PK Sound.  Shambhala has built it's reputation around the sound quality on the dance floor, and PK is a large part of that.  Always professional, always timely, PK has been pushing the limits to deliver superior quality.  I wouldn't want to do a show without them."

    - Corrine Zawaduk, Production Manager

  • Dancing Sasquatch

    "Our guests appreciate and consistently comment on the high quality sound our PK Sound system pumps out. Quality does matter in a club and PK's sound system outperformed our expectations."

    - Stavros Karlos | Dancing Sasquatch Night Club

  • Excision

    "PK Sound has become an integral part of my production team always providing exemplary service and an incredible product. Along with having some of the best gear around it is truly apparent that everyone at PK really cares about the success of my tours. I couldn’t imagine touring without their bone crushing bass and awesome technicians!"

    - Jeff Abel | Excision | Rottun Recordings

  • Lightning In A Bottle

    A huge part of LIB is finding ways, both large and small, to better ourselves and to make the attendees experience even more amazing. When PK asked us if we wanted to try their new Trinity PA we were excited to see what it could do and we weren't disappointed. The feedback we're receiving about the sound on the Lightning Stage is great and we couldn't be happier.

    - Dede Flemming, Festival Organizer LIB

  • Sunshine Village - Banff, Canada

    “PK sound provided professional and personal service every step of the way. For a series of concerts over 5 weekends in cold temperatures and snow they delivered without an issue. I would definitely recommend them for all your production needs.”

    - Marie-Claire – Sunshine Village – Supervisor Events

  • Skrillex

    “PK Sound delivers a sonic experience unlike any other. Their expertise in electronic music and passion for the art of sound results in an intensity and visceral bass experience more pleasurable than any system on the market. Working with PK Sound was a pleasure and I would offer them the highest recommendation possible for anyone looking for the next level in sound reinforcement.”



Fans and artists will agree, you have to experience PK systems in person. Whether it's a live event with over 100,000 fans like Electric Daisy Carnival, or a more intimate affair at a nightclub or ultra lounge, PK has an install or production to share with you. Feel free to contact us directly to find an event or install in your area.